Dissecting the Cowden Protocol

After several months of trying to treat late stage Lyme disease, I sought the wisdom of a naturopath who is experienced in treating Lyme. She recommended to me the Cowden Protocol, for she had found it to be quite helpful for her patients over the years.

I balked when I saw the cost of the full protocol, averaging about $500 a month. I decided I needed to do some research before I took the plunge. Below, you will find the fruits of my labor.

I decided that some products in the protocol may be useful and worth getting from Cowden’s company, Nutramedix. Some other products also seem useful but are easily available elsewhere for less money. And some are products for which I’m having trouble finding a use.

In making these choices, I consulted a licensed pharmacist who runs natural drug store and stocks the Nutramedix products included in Cowden’s protocol.

Many of these products have limited or no scientific research regarding their use or safety, so using them involves some experimentation and risk.

P.S. I know that some readers of this will disagree with my choices. People have a variety of philosophies about using alternative treatments. Some people are really into alternative medicine, and some people are unwilling to try much without substantial scientific evidence of its effectiveness. I personally am pretty open but try to be informed. You may think that I’m being too critical of Cowden’s protocol, or you may think I’m not being critical enough. I ask you to be kind if you choose to respond to this. Lymeland can get pretty nasty sometimes.

So here it goes….

ADRENAL –It is a fairly widespread belief that Lymies have weak adrenals. I don’t know if that is true or not, but there are tons of adrenal support supplements available if you think you need something. The herbs used in Cowden’s adrenal tincture are all pretty common and have a variety of uses. I don’t know nearly enough to know if this combination is especially helpful for adrenal fatigue.

  • Schizandra, Astragalus, and Ginseng are all used in traditional Chinese medicine, which is way over my head. Ginseng and Astragalus are in lots of supplements.
  • Rhododendron caucasicum is being touted online right now for weight loss and as a cure-all drug. It is rich in phytochemicals. It comes from the mountains of Georgia (the country) and is commonly used there as tea. It’s supposedly the reason that so many Georgians live past 100.
  • Wild Yam is a fairly common root and has a variety of traditional uses. (see http://www.altnature.com/gallery/wild_yam.htm)

AMANTILLA –This is just valerian root extract, which is quite popular for calming anxiety and as a sleep aid. The U.S. government has a fact sheet at http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/valerian.asp I think it would make sense to be cautious about taking this if you’re already taking antidepressants, sleep aids, etc.

BANDEROL – I have found very little information on this, and Nutramedix hasn’t supplied a full species name. My guess is that they are using Otoba novogranatensis. I read here http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=14097602 that it’s shown some usefulness against parasites. I’m not trying it for now.

BURBUR – Cowden includes Burbur leaf extract in his protocol as a gentle detoxifier that is useful during herxes. He uses the leaves Desmodium molliculum. If you google Desmodium molliculum you’ll see that some sites sell it as Manayupa, but I can’t find much information about the species. There is a lot more information available about a sister species, Desmodium adscendens, and its various uses here http://www.rain-tree.com/amorseco.htm. I can’t figure out if there’s a significant difference between the two species. I’m guessing not. D. adscendens is available in bulk at Raintree’s website. Update: I have used this herb in a tea on and off for a while now.  It does seem to provide some soothing when I am having a die-off.  See more about Burbur in Henk’s comments below.

CUMANDA –Cumanda is only available from Nutramedix. It’s traditionally used as an antimalarial, among other things. Read more about it here http://www.rain-tree.com/campsiandra.htm. This site notes that its use for Lyme disease may all be hype. On the other hand, Lyme is often treated by drugs used for malaria like doxycycline or plequenil, so maybe using Cumanda isn’t totally ridiculous. I honestly don’t know. I am trying it.  Update: I tried Cumanda for several months.  I never got the sense that it made any significant difference for me.  See more about Cumanda in Henk’s comments below.

ENULA –Nutramedix markets Enula as an antimicrobial. I haven’t found anything that indicates that this tincture is anything unique. It consists of three ingredients; only the Elecampane seems useful.

  • Elecampane- This is very common and easy to find. It is a traditional cough medicine and is a good expectorant. It does have anti-microbial properties. Read more about it here http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/learn/elecampane.php
  • Vitis tiliafolia- It seems that this is known in Jamaica as Blood Wiss. I can’t find any information about its use.
  • Ipomoea jalapa -This mainly has been used traditionally to loosen stools.

MAGNESlUM MALATE – Magnesium can be gotten very cheaply, though supposedly some forms are less effective than others. I don’t know enough to know if the Nutramedix version is a good choice in terms of quality and cost. My pharmacist told me that magnesium aspertate is a good choice.

MORA– Mora seems to have been designed primarily as an antifungal agent. It has three ingredients.

PARSLEY– Parsley is believed to be good for detoxifying because it has lots of chlorophyll (see here http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/learn/parsley.php) Personally, I’m not sure why it’s worth spending $25.00 for it. You can get it fresh in the supermarket or even grow it yourself.

PINELLA – Nutramedix says that it uses the bark of Pimpinella anisum. It claims that it’s great for reducing inflammation and for detoxifying the brain and nervous system, which helps with brain fog (see http://www.bionatus.com/nutramedix/pdfs/Pinella_flyer.pdf). Pimpenella anisum is more commonly known as Anise. The anise seed is a common spice that has been used for millennia. I cannot find any other source that discusses using the bark of the plant, so it’s possible that the bark has some special properties different from the seed. No description that I’ve seen of the herb’s usage includes much about detoxification. The plant, however, has been used traditionally in some parts of the world as a mild stimulant. Perhaps this is why users feel more clearheaded when using Pinella.

QUINA- The main active ingredient in Quina is Quinine, which was an early antimalarial. The FDA put out a warning in 2006 about Quinine (see http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=78097) Apparently, misuse of quinine can cause some nasty side effects, including death, so please only use this product under your doctor’s supervision.

SAMENTO- This is more commonly known as Cat’s Claw, and research has shown that it’s effective for Lyme disease. Cheaper varieties are easy to find, but my pharmacist said that Nutramedix is a good source.  Update: I’ve learned a lot more about Cat’s Claw since I originally wrote this.  Nutramedix sells a form of the herb that is supposedly superior because it is “TOA free.”  Apparently the claims of superiority of TOA free Cat’s Claw are based upon two rather poorly designed research studies that were done by the company that has a patent on TOA-free Clat’s Claw.  Buhner, the author of Healing Lyme says that it is best to use the whole herb.  He recommends using Cat’s Claw from Rain Tree.  You can read more about the TOA controversy here http://www.rain-tree.com/toa-poa-article.htm

SERRAPEPTASE- It seems that some research has shown that this is good at breaking down dead tissue, and it’s included in the Cowden protocol because of a theory that it can break down the cyst form of Lyme. I get the impression that this is all pretty hypothetical, but perhaps not totally farfetched. I’m giving it a try using the Nutramedix version.  Update: I tried it.  I can’t tell if it did anything.  I’m really rather dubious about this product.  Wikipedia currently says that there’s no evidence that this product does anything.

SPARGA- This is asparagus root. I have not found anything that says that asparagus has any medicinal use beyond making your urine smell kind of interesting. Update: With more research I found the following.  Here is some information on medicinal uses for asparagus http://earthnotes.tripod.com/asparagus.htm Nutramedix claims that asparagus is good for detoxing sulfur.   Some people <i>do</i> smell sulfur in their urine after consuming asparagus, but the smell is coming from compounds in the asparagus.  (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asparagus#Urine)  There may be a variety of benefits to asparagus, but it might make more sense to just eat the whole vegetable.

TRACE MINERALS- The trace mineral blend from Nutramedix is a proprietary blend of 70 minerals and has been infused with calming energies (see http://www.bionatus.com/nutramedix/pdfs/tracemin_flyer_Bs.pdf) Nutramedix claims that the minerals are in a form that is more easily absorbed by the body. Personally, I’m not sure it’s worth the $60 a month that it will cost if used as directed by the Cowden protocol. Most good multivitamins include trace minerals.

ZEOLITE– This is used for heavy metal chelation. I don’t know enough to comment on its usefulness. Chelation, however, should really only be done under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

85 Responses to “Dissecting the Cowden Protocol”

  1. meri puccio Says:

    hello, very intensive research. i had lyme, babesia, erhlichia and went on antibiotics — never felt fully recovered. had many symptoms. took burbur, enula, samento, cumanda and parsley for 3 months and feel so incredibly better. i know it’s expensive but it did work for me…. everyone is different, though.

    good luck and thank you for this informative post.

  2. henk de hondt Says:

    Certainly you did a good research and it is refreshing to find someone in Lymeland who can use his own (fogged or not) brains!
    Pinella indeeed is the commun herb PIMpinella anisum. It is a small plant about 25cm high, from the family UMbellifera, and believe me it has no bark at all.
    greetings henk

  3. henk de hondt Says:

    I read somehing about Burbur detox. The Journal voor Ethnobiology en Ethnomedicine (nov 1987) published a studie about the therapheutical ceffects of Desmodium mollicum. No results are known, except one: A group of Peruvian indians using it as anti-infectant.
    I asked the world famous biologist and expert on the flora of the Amazon rainforest, mr. Marc van Roosmalen what he knew about Cumanda(Campsiandra angustifolia and he answered me: (quote)
    Dear Henk,
    sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry. I have no records of indigenous peoples in the Amazon using Campsiandra angustifolia, nor the bushland creoles and indians from the Guianas using C. comosa for medicinal purposes. I will do some more research and if so, I’ll get back to you soon. (unquote)
    I wonder where nutrimedix finds his information that seems so hard to find!
    friendly regards henk

  4. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I found a link on SU telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

  5. Considering Cowden Says:

    Thanks so much for accumulating all this research. I’m looking into the Cowden protocol and was wondering how much was really necessary. This definitely answers a lot of my questions.

    I’d also like to know if anyone has done this protocol while undergoing IV chelation treatments for heavy metals. I’m currently doing this and wondering if it can be done at the same time.

  6. Kate Says:

    Thanks for breaking this down and saving hours of doing the same myself. Your effort is greatly appreciated! I am concerned regarding how much money various practitioners/big pharma/nutriceutical companies are charging sick Lyme folks simply to line their pockets and pay for their new Lexus (or is that Lexi)…. whether it be for tinctures, pills, IVs etc. My goal is to find a reasonably priced, effective treatment…. for the majority of people. You sorted through what i’d seen when i first read the protocol’s treatment tinctures…. exotic names for some common herbs/minerals were available for less (red flag)…. and the protocol seems very shotgun. I will work on getting more detail and finding a more specific way per symptoms to use the tintures in treatment – assuming they are effective.

    Anyone notice that Artemisia (Wormwood) is not in the protocol. Anyone used it? I’m using it with Amox as i got a tick bite 3 weeks ago and had already guessed my Lyme was recurring after recent severe ankle injuries two months ago.

    Kate – a physician with Lyme.

  7. Karen Says:

    I have been on the protocol for about four months. I began to see a lot of improvement when I started on the cumanda and banderol. I got a six month supply free of charge. Nutramedix does provide one patient per doctor with six months of free Cowden protocol. Dr. Horowitz of the International Lyme Disease Institute has found it to be 70% effective. The newer version, the condensed protocol, is said to be more effective and easier to follow. The protocol does not work unless you drink at least 12 cups of water per day, and take the magnesium malate to be sure you have at least two bowel movements a day. Since antibiotics don’t work on long term lyme, I don’t see a problem with trying this protocol. Cowden believes mercury amalgams need to be removed as well.

  8. kathy Says:

    i am on week 2 of the condensed cowden, having mild herx, nothing major……..was just nice to find all the info in one place…thank you for your research, svaed time that’s for sure………….the cumunda and enula andmora come later in the condensed version and am slowly increasing banderol and amento, alos using zeolite every couple nights as ordered…………..i alos had it ordered from Dr h, after i discussed no more antibiotics, he was my second opinion and afterpicc lines, bicillin, mepron, biaxin bactrim the works.i decided enough is enough! he ordered it and i have paid for my ist kit butas a member of an online support group if you can get the leader to call nutrmedix they will supply you with a 6 month supply free, so i will be receiving my 2nd thru 6th box and they said then dr h like to repeat either the 4th or 6th, so that will be my 6th box, i am alos doing a program called ACT, sounds crazy and i’m the biggest skeptic, but have felt changes and many in the group have had significant improvemnet…..if i can go all natural….and anyone else can benefit, i wish us all the journey back to health!!

  9. Sue Sullivan Says:

    Dear Jarla~

    Thank you for taking the time to dissect the Cowden Protocol, post all your findings, links and set up this blog! I am so grateful for people like you! It was recommended to me to try the Cowden Protocol after being on several antibiotics via injection and taken orally, along with Plaquenil and almost as many supplements as the protocol requires for nine months and STILL symptomatic. This Lyme thing has been such a nightmare and I must say the treatment has been worse than the disease! With so many uncertainties, controversy and expense involving the treatment…I have literally gone bankrupt, am in danger of losing my home of 22 years, the Cowden protocol looks like ANOTHER very expensive avenue that I cannot afford right now. So I m out here lost in the Lymelands, without a doctor, broke, unemployed and still very symptomatic. I took myself off everything in Nov because i just couldn’t swallow another pill. I KNOW that I need to something but not sure if this protocol is for me or even worth the expense. I have read a lot about several of the herbs and their properties but am wondering if it’s necessary to take ALL and I am way to foggy to even comprehend the protocol. Wondering where Dr. Kate s located? Thank you for listening to me ramble :-} And thank you for all your work~
    Sole Sister

  10. jodi Says:

    Thank you for all the research and for sharing your time knowledge with us all. I am on 4 different anitibiotics: ceftin, Zithro, plaquenil, rifampin. Also, am taking lots of supplements and a couple alternative remedies. I’m considering the CP.

    Question? I wonder if anyone on here can help Sue Sullivan get set up with 6 months of free Cowden. Sounds like she really could use it. Best of luck to you Sue. Keep trying!!!

  11. Sue Sullivan Says:

    Wishing you all the best Jodi with the CP, should you try it! Short;y after my rant, I read the book by Stephen Buhner, “Healing Lyme” I contacted a practitioner recommended by the author in VT..His name is Tim Scott. I have now been on the protocol recommended by Buhner through Tim for 3+ months and getting good results! My fog is lifting, my body feels less like a train wreck and I am experiencing more energy :-} Good Stuff!! Thank you for your wonderful plug for me…getting set up with 6 mos free of Cowden!! You are so very sweet :-} I think I will stick with what I’m doing now, as it is working! Now if someone wants to help save my house….well that’s another story….Sue Sullivan

  12. Peggy Says:

    I spoke with someone from Nutramedix yesterday. December, 2009, was the last month they offered the free six months protocol. The only thing they offer now is financial assistance in obtaining the program, but the applicant must complete the necessary paperwork and submit through a doctor’s office. Then it must be approved by Nutramedix. My understanding was that the applicant must show financial need.

  13. Lisa W. Says:

    I took have buhners book on lyme. He’s kind of vague about how much of the supplements to take. What dosages are you taking?

  14. Sue Sullivan Says:

    I am taking a supplement called the “LB Core Protocol”… 3 capsules contain 500mg of Japanese Knotweed
    430 mg Andrographis
    500 mg. cat’s claw
    110 mg sarsaparilla root
    110 mg dandelion root

    Now here’s the thing…3 caps are minimum dosage…I am on max dose which is 12 capsules 4x a day, totals 48 caps. I don’t know how many mg of each herb that comes out to be… sorry but my brain cannot do the math!! I am also on 2 tinctures ( Eleuthero for immune~ 3 droppersful a day and Cryptolepsis for Babesia, also 3 droppersful.)

    It’s confusing…but I hope this was helpful to you Lisa. Good luck!

  15. Joe B Says:

    Hey Lisa… visit these sites for Buhner info and dosage info…




    http://planetthrive.com/2009/08/buhner-healing-lyme-program/ dosage*

  16. kitty Says:

    asparagus does have medicinal qualities it was not difficult to find at all.maybe you should do a lot more research before you write that you can’t fiind anything on the net about it..on the first page, second link already!.
    Properties of Asparagus plant
    The vegetable contains phosphate and vitamin B, which gives it remineralizing and stimulating properties. Also, it has rare nutrients: copper, iron, zinc, manganese, chrome, calcium, sodium, potassium, which give it depurative, and laxative properties and make it a hepatic and renal drainer.
    Next to its qualities of being a refined vegetable, asparagus is also used in natural medicine. It is used to control some stomach affections, clean the liver, lungs and intestines of their wastes and toxins. Apart from its depurative effects, the vegetable also has a protecting action on the arteries. Consumed regularly, it prevents the development of arteriosclerosis and cleans the blood.

  17. Ralph Says:

    Lost in lymeland for over three years, asparagus kitty….?
    Taken on it’s own..? guess i could try anything natural at this point…

    Currently taking amox 3000mg a day plus zithro…. feel like i have hit a leveling off point but still symptomatic, especially when tired or having eaten sugar/flour….
    Not sure what to do but realize cannot continue taking oral antibiotics…

  18. Donna Says:

    I have used Cowden’s herbs for about 2 years. I used a condensed version. The Banderol and Samento have been proven in a study to kill the cystic form of Lyme in vivo and in vitro. Google Townsend Report. They also come infused now and I have noticed the difference between the infused/imprinted vs, non.

    I have also met with Dr. Cowden for one of his studies and I did not get the impression in the least bit that the protocol was designed to line his pockets. His motivation is about the patient getting well.

    I have used Cumanda, Enula and Quina and alternated them. I do not know anything about Mora. I can tell you Enula does something because I took it for babesia, but if I reached a high enough threshold of it, I had severe bone pain. Many people have experienced this and I believe it is because Enula also kills parasites, something many of our LLMD’s do not treat and may be the key to wellness.

    Burbur has helped me through herxes and Pinella helped greatly with brain fog. I did not take Pinella for extended periods because I read there is a potential for toxicity. I also alternate at times between other supplements to help with herxes and for detox; ie: chlorella, pekana Drainage Kits.

    I have the trace minerals, but do not use all the time and if I have anxiety, I have used that and Amantilla with success.

    Perhaps the Enula is on lieu of wormword. Wormword, for extended periods can be toxic also.

    I encourage anyone who has questions to write Dr. Cowden himself.
    he can be located on Facebook.

  19. jeff the alternative renewable energy guy Says:

    what an informative post! my wife cindy has lyme (after a 12 year misdiagnosis of MS), and we are treating with colloidal silver and doug coil rife and al complex. just got started with bur bur for her herxes, and she feels better – her emotional tracking is much better.

    so here’s teh question: if you are making progress on a protocol, does it really make sense to add new ones? seems to me that this just increases die-off and herx intensity, and maybe just my sweetie’s suffering.


  20. Kat Says:

    Thanks for the great post. I have been working with an ND who is Lyme literate and have been following the protocol that she dictates. I started with the colloidal silver to help treat the most pressing coinfection that surfaced. Then was put on glutathione to help with the detox and oxidative stress in the body. I then moved on to Quina and Enula and will soon start taking Mapalo instead of Enula. The latest coinfection results in joint point so the Mapalo should help. In addition to the above, I am taking different supplements (mostly to help with digestion and blood sugar issues) along with a good fiber product mixed with whey protein and a probiotic which has really helped with the herx reactions.

    The treatment has changed as the symptoms have changed and as new coinfections surface. Keep in mind that Lyme acts as an open door to coinfections which need to be treated to aid healing.

  21. Sarah Says:

    Does anyone know if Cowdens protocol can be taken with antibiotics and chelation? I am doing both with andrographis, cats claw, GSH/Nutritional ivs at my doctors office and want to try anything that might help.

  22. Michele Dickey Says:

    To Kitty. Before being so rude to someone who has done a lot of work and states that you can take it or leave it. You should have realized that her posting was over 2 years old when YOU were able to find the information! Did it ever enter your brain that things on the web change ridiculously fast and millions of things are added every single day.? Why were you even on here looking for information when you seem to think you know everything anyway!

  23. Norma Miller Says:

    I was wondering how much colloidal silver people are taking.

  24. Mariel Says:

    Hi Norma,
    I am in month 3 of the Cowden protocol and I take 1 tbsp 3 times per day of Argentyn 23 (colloidal silver). Good luck!

  25. Janet Says:

    to Donna and everyone else,
    Why on the Cowden herbs for so long? Isn’t the protocol supposed to work well before two years or am I misunderstanding it?
    I was on IM bicillin and now I am on 2 oral antibiotics (500 mg biaxin twice a day and plaquenil 200mg twice a day and many many many other supplements…I also take Samento, Banderol and Burbur 30 drops twice a day. Lately my ND put me on Mesosilver..I had asked about nano and colloidal.
    I have so many pills and tinctures…some need to be taken with food and some without anything in stomach by 3 hours. I am having much difficulty getting everything in! Any ideas?

    ALSO — I used to be a size 6/8 now I am over 200 pounds and still gaining no matter how little or how much I eat! I can’t express how uncomfortable I am in my body. Does anyone have some way to lose while Lyme is still active?????

  26. cooley-hp Says:

    As a non-medical practitioner in Germany (hypnotherapist and phytotherapist), am working on my own protocol to deal with Lyme. There are less expensive herbal remedies (mistletoe tinture, echinacea tincture) but you ought to test them with the muscle test (=> psychokinesiology according to Klinghardt or Keding) to find out what is right for you. For instance, dipsaci sylvestra as a tincture can work well, supported by an enzyme, such as serrapeptase. Test how many drops of dipsaci and how long. For instance, if you take the Buhner protocol, add dipsaci and then test from that list what is good for you, add an enzyme to break down the cystic forms. You also need to build up your immune system! Stop taking antibiotics, only if absolutely necessary. Exercise, if possible. Sauna and sweating is also good to raise your body temperature (like a fever) and avoid stress. That is all easier said than done, I know. If you have the possibility, find a Native American healer – he/she will know how to proceed. Cooley-HP

  27. Christine Says:

    I begin the Cowden Protocol November 1. The instructions for the tinctures are unclear to me. Can one mix the tincture in the same cup of water, or must one use separate glasses of water for each and allow each to sit for 10 minutes before consuming?

  28. Roy Says:

    This has no research background done to it at all. This is impressive at all. This does nothing for anyone. You dont mention anything about serrapeptase breaking down fibrin so your immune system can more easily detect the disease to kill it as well with working in conjunction with the anti microbials. This is just a plain bad article with no back ground research done to it. this just gives a false impression and bad rep for the Cowden protocol. Which has tons of medical research in the homeopathical community. Just watch all the you tube videos describing each product. This just kills peoples faith in trying or using these products. which are great btw. horrible article.

  29. Roy Says:

    isn’t **

  30. diane Says:

    would like follow up comments on people who have been using Cowden protocol for longer than six months. Can it heal you of lyme forever?

  31. Roy Says:

    People in search of wisdom of lyme treatments and protocols. Please I urge you to not listen to anything that is written on this page thats in a negative tone about The Cowden Protocol. It is a great set up with extensive research done. It is safe and effective for most people with lyme. Although Not everyone responds the same way it is a great start to treating lyme without destroying your immune system. Just go on youtube and type in “Cowden protocol” Dr Cowden explains each of his products extensively HIMSELF. He tells you about how samento was used in an 18 week study and the patients were 90% improved by the 18th week. Just using that product alone. I have been on the protocol for a month now and im already seeing improvements all around with all my symptoms. And I have been on antibiotics for about a year without improvement. It destroyed my immune system and created a yeast problem. Now on this protocol Im seeing improvements. That has to mean something. Please I urge you to go do the research yourself instead of having someone dim wit that has no knowledge or experience of this protocol at all tell you how it is. GO WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON COWDEN PROTOCOL. Thanks for listening. Pass it on.
    God Bless.

  32. Karen Says:

    Thank you!

  33. Angela Says:

    I am currently on month 6 of the Cowden Protocol and based on discussions with my attending physician, I will repeat months 4-6 again.

    As to cost of the protocol, here’s my advice. Go directly to Nutrimedex to purchase it. http://www.nutramedix.com/.
    They offer the lowest price, free shipping, and you will earn points each time that you can redeem on your next purchase.

    Cowden Protocol Cost as of April 2012:

    Month 1 $259
    Month 2 $308
    Month 3 $368
    Month 4 $266
    Month 5 $302
    Month 6 $206

    The article is outdated and may be referring to the original protocol and not the Condensed version

  34. Marnie Says:

    I have been on Banderol/Burbur, Samento/Parsley, Serrapeptase and doxy for 6 weeks and am feeling better.

    I will have to check with my doctor for how long to stay on it. I too, am wondering if this ‘cures’ Lyme and if people who have done it do not relapse?

  35. Angela Says:

    I wanted to take doxy with Cowden but my Doctor told me that Dr. Lee Cowden advises against it. Bb morphs and forms biofilms able to evade antibiotics, and resurface after the abx have left the system.

  36. Karen Bergeron Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning my web site for information about Wild Yam. (altnature) Wish you had emailed me to tell me about your blog, but I found it looking up back links and so glad I did. Have friends who need this information and I like your writing style.

  37. kayjay Says:

    More than likely the Plum people have a antidote for the multi-infectious disaster they concocted.
    I tried APEX and it helped and I am not kidding.Did it cure it? I don’t know, as the jerks have no good testing as yet.
    Oh yeah I am po’ed…Real pissed off.

  38. Learn Us Says:

    We stumbled over here different web page and thought I might check
    things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page for a second time.

  39. Slim Boom Says:

    I just use banderol and cats claw and have seen amazing results.

  40. Loni Says:

    Hi everyone. Thanks for posting. My mom has had lyme for more than 20 years and I ordered the first month of Cowden for her which she started taking recently but has had severe reaction to almost every dose (from day 6 on). So I’m wondering whether she should continue at all (she’s fealling very bad, with cramps and pain). Did anyone reading this have any similar experience in the beginning? How did you get through it?

  41. Loni Says:

    P.S. I do suspect it’s Herx. I just don’t know whether to continue the protocol (and seeing my mom in pain) or not and how (if possible) to continue the protocol without pain.

  42. Angela Says:

    Did her Dr. explain what is to be expected while on the Cowden Protocol?

    The herx is a good thing because the bacteria are dying off – but if the pain is too great you are supposed to cut back on the dosage and increase the dextox every 3-4 hours until the pain subsides. This is the first thing one should be informed of before using this protocol. I am on it and my herxs have always been mild, relativily speaking.

    Go to this link for more information. http://www.nutramedix.ec/ns/lyme-protocol

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  44. Ellen Says:

    I’ve had Lyme since the late 90s w/diagnosis in 2004. Did high dose antibiotics route for a year. Terrible herxes and started backsliding at the end. Did the Marshall Protocol for 5 years (really helped & much more tolerable herxing). Since 2010 been focused on nutrition and detox. Some relapse periods where I took minocycline for a few days. Started noticing some symptoms in September and doc suggested Cumanda–5 drops to start. Always leery, I tried just 1 drop. Took it at the same time I took my Bolouke dose. Wasn’t aware of Boluouke’s ability to dissolve biofilms until a internet search after the fact. POW! What a potent combo. Had myself quite a brain herx that night, and didn’t feel so hot for a few days, but afterward more clear-headed than I’d been in a long time. Amazing.

  45. Elise G. Says:

    Hello, everyone! You all seem to be quite knowledgeable with the protocol.

    Quick question– I recently started the first portion of the Cowden, and within a couple days of taking the pinella + burbur I believe I had a herx reaction– the biggest symptom having a lot of anxiety when I have no history of it.

    I gave myself a 2-day break, then took just 2 drops of Burbur, and boom- same thing happened!

    Any ideas of what could cause this? I’ve been drinking TONS of water and trying to detox like crazy in other ways!

  46. Ingrid Naiman Says:

    Just finished reading this entire page and the comments. There are several remarks that I would like to make, starting perhaps with the simplest: wormwood. Kate references it and Donna comments. There is the Hulda Clark protocol that relies on Artemisia absinthium, which, as Donna notes, can be contraindicated for long-term use because of its high thujone content. The reason for mentioning this is that babesia is similar to malaria and the main herb in question would then be Artemisia annua which is very safe compared to A. absinthium. I.e., the argument does not hold up particularly well when the correct herb is considered.

    The comparable herb in the Cowden protocol would appear to be Quina, apparently an allusion to quinine which has been widely used in malaria treatment. In herbal medicine, especially South American herbal medicine, it would be derived from cinchona, sometimes called Jesuit’s bark. This is an herb with some undesirable side effects so it would have to be used cautiously.

    Here is the rub. As understanding of Lyme disease and the con-infections attending it increase, there will be possibilities for fine tuning the protocols and taking only what is needed, not everything that could possibly make a difference for someone or other. Also, over-reliance on a handful herbs suggests that the research was done hastily, perhaps a genuine urge to address an emergency, but malaria has been around for a long time and over 1200 herbs are referenced in traditional literature. Of these more than a hundred have been researched so we do not have to depend on Quina or A, annua, which, for the record, tends to manage the Herxheimer reactions quite well because of its complex chemistry.

    There is a lot more to consider, such as the quality of the raw materials, potency of the herbs, and individual need.

    As I read this page, I realized that most readers seem to be skipping over the advice about removing mercury amalgam fillings. Until this step is taken, there will be less than ideal responses to immune boosting herbs. This could explain why some people are doing better with colloidal silver than with herbs. However, essential oils have not been mentioned by anyone and they generally work even when the immune system is not working optimally.

    Without going on and on, we ought also to allow our minds to separate out the fungal infections that are due to use of antibiotics or destruction of white blood cells and bacteria that are necessary when there is die-off of parasites and microorganisms. Unless you understand your own starting point as well as treatments, you could be wasting effort on products that are not really indicated for own circumstances.

    Wishing you all a speedy and complete recovery.

  47. Lepäävä Says:

    1. Where can you purchase the Cowden products at the most affordable price?

    2. How much do they cost nowadays per month?

    3. Does the condensed Cowden have 14 herbs?

  48. Angela Says:

    I purchased the Cowden Protocol directly from their website, Nutramedix. I compared prices with various vitamin and natural health supplier websites, including Amazon, and when I did the math, those websites fell short. Nutramedix costs more BUT at final checkout you end up paying less. Let me explain. You earn points toward your future purchase (presuming you will stay on the therapy), you earn a discount, and sometimes you get a free product of your choice when you surpass a certain quantity. They do not charge for shipping either! Very often, I had not used up all my product by the time I was ready to order months 2, 3, 4, etc., so I purchased bottles of what I needed only. The savings are significant.

    The Protocol used to ‘infuse’ all the antimicrobial formulas, whereas, you would always retain a portion of the extract and refill it with the ‘non-infused’ refill when it was time. You never got the infused formulas through any other website. Unfortunately, many people who said they were taking only one anti-microbial from the program would order it from Amazon, for example, but Amazon did not sell the infused nutraceutical.

    The Protocol has been improved and does not contain the infusions from what I heard. They also extended the therapy to 9 months for those who need to take it beyond 6 months.

    It is a stringent protocol and you must be committed to it in order for you to heal. Your diet must exclude the common food allergens, such as, dairy; reduce or eliminate your sugar consumption altogether, and most importantly you must drink up to one gallon of pure or filtered water daily. I got into the habit of carrying a satchel with my container of water and the extracts I needed for the day.

    Nutramedix will send you complete instructions when you begin the Protocol and they are available to answer your questions and concerns via e-mail or phone call.

  49. curmudgeon Says:

    I have been on the Cowden Protocol for just over 3 months with no improvement I can discern. After 3 months, I have suffered a severe relapse such that I have to use a cane to walk just as I did a year ago when I was diagnosed with lyme. I am also taking various antibiotics prescribed by my LLMD. They are failing as well.

    Ordering from Nutramedix is easy and well organized. Lyme can cause confusion (such as in me) and the well laid out, printed schedule allows me to be sure I have taken everything I need including the 3 liters of water per day. It is somewhat of a cruel treatment for an old man with a dodgy prostate.

  50. Angela Says:

    Curmudgeon, don’t despair. The Cowden Protocol worked for me but I was on it for nearly two years. The only reason I stopped was due to foot surgery.

    When I recovered from my foot surgery and the pain meds were completely out of my system I began to experience the joint pain and fatigue again, but at a low level of intensity as before.

    My recent re-test came back negative for LD but revealed an antigen for Babesia. I’m told that when the immune system is overtaxed with multiple issues, it is not uncommon for one bacteria to mask the others. In my case, I was treating a bacteria and completely ignored the parasite. Had I known this, I would have added Cowden’s Quina to my daily regimen.

    The practice of taking abx in tandem with the Cowden Protocol is tricky. Some believe abx cause the bacteria to form biofilms to protect it from them, thus taking a nap. If this is true then it is not a good idea to take both simultaneously as Cowden will not be effective. I personally developed a resistance to antibiotics having taken them for too long, so I had limited choice in the matter.

    And yes, requiring 3 liters of water daily is brutal but necessary. I understand the current requirement is to drink x amount of ounces every 20 minutes – not an easy feat when the powder room is a good distance from my office.

    Cowden is only effective if the protocol is stringently followed.

  51. Yanet Says:

    I’ve read everything on this page and I’m extremely confused and worried. My husband had had lyme for 2 years. He did the typical 3 weeks of doxi as it’s the standard medical treatment. It took us 6 months for us find out he has lyme. He continues to have the joint pains numbness of his left leg. He use to have a problem with his left leg giving out on him and falling. My husband is a construction iron worker. He’s been working very hard despite the lyme. There are days he just feels he needs to take a day off and rest. But we worry. He says it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse but I’m not sure if that’s the truth or he’s just telling me that so I don’t worry. But we realize that it could get worse. And one day he may not be able to walk anymore. So I’ve been digging around the internet trying to find something. Because I don’t want to see him in pain anymore. I hate that he’s forgotten things. I’m just so worried about him. Reading this just confused me because I don’t understand this herx. I don’t think he’s ever had anything “bad” Wes never been hospitalized for anything. He just got over a bit of a cold his second one since being diagnosed. I wonder now reading everyone else’s expirence. Is the lyme hold on him just not as strong as on others? Have we just been lucky thus far? All we have done really is change his diet slightly. There is room for improvement I know. And I want to try something new. But I worry about trying new things. I worry that this would make him feel sicker. As of now we can’t afford for him to loose his job. And my gods blessing he has been able to continue working. But I want him cured he and I feel like maybe he is deteriorating… Slower than other but still occurring. Yesterday we saw this video call under my skin. It’s a documentary about lyme. And we just found out that we may have transmitted the disease to me sexually. We didn’t know. And now I’m here worried that we may have yet another thing added to our plates. I just wish there was someone I could talk to with clear answers. That can dumb this all down so that I can understand. I don’t want gimiks I just want results. If anyone can help me with some info. And perhaps a way to customize a treatment for him.

  52. healthy colon diet tips Says:

    We’re now not confident the location you might be having your information and facts, however wonderful matter.. healthy colon diet tips My spouse and i must invest a while knowing considerably more as well as realizing more. Appreciate superb facts I’m on the lookout for this data in my objective.

  53. Ann Says:

    I apologize if this is a repeat post…technical problems.

    How long does it take to see improvement on the Cowden Protocol?

    My daughter has been on it just short of two months and feels the worst she has ever felt. She is extremely depressed and I am worried. The depression has only been this bad one other time in the three years we’ve been treating Lyme. Her physical symptoms are also worse, especially the nausea.

    She is on the protocol and also takes a probiotic, fish oil, reacted iron, thyroid supplement, transfer factor lyme plus, transfer factor multi immune, and a multivitamin. She just started lexapro and naltrexone two weeks ago.

    I have a call in to her doctor, but would really appreciate feedback from anyone with some personal experience.

  54. Mike Baker Says:

    Hello all.

    I have really been looking into lyme treatment options, but actually came up with a new one of my own. I have been doing it for about 75 days now, and it appears I have at least found a new previously unknown to Western or Chinese medicine simple anti fungal anti parasitic infection fighter.

    It is Wild Apple Leaf.

    Watch out! It is more powerful than antibiotics, and may possibly be even a Phage. The Bb’s actually start crawling out of you! I really wonder what Dr. Sapi, Alan, Vince, and the others at the Biofilm Youtube channel will think about this one! Totally Mind Blowing!

    That is right. They have been living in you and leeching off you all that time. You will recognize some of them as recall-able locations of bug bites. Your mind clears and strokes reverse effect as the presumably Bb’s come out of your head neck and ears. Slowly but surely. You’ll see should you have the guts to try.

    Warts from even over 50 years ago have come out and peeled off. I eat a few of the raw dried apple leafs a day. Anything more and I Herx like crazy because you get more sensitive as you continue, so I took Dr-Risk.com ‘s advice and went slow.

    Now I have a heck of a lot of these biofilms in me and may never eradicate them all, because I have been an oil company surveyor all over the place in North America and Mexico. I wound up here after doing an Engineering Study looking for what was crippling and killing all the surveyors I know… and especially the non smoking ones! (I also have a theory why…. Nicotine makes your neural tissue taste bitter so the cooties avoid it as the eat their way around) Worse yet, I am Canadian and have no doctor support. Instead I am a ha><0r an' just steal all the medical info I need myself lulz. Who knew all this engineering skule would be useful for anything anyways? Anyways, GICH, and drop me a line at mvbeng. Ya, I'm on Gmail… you know the drill…

  55. mike1baker Says:

    OK, an update. I just contacted Dr. Eva Sapi so that she can get to the bottom of why this works so well. Hopefully we will all hear more soon. I also started a blog since it required me to go through the hoops to register here at mike1baker.wordpress.com O5ther than that, it is all over but the Herxing for me as they continue to drill out. I smoke so I think my neurons may taste bitter to them. Most of my non smoking peers died young it seems. Maybe if you eat licorice sticks if you are a non smoker fist as they definitely did not like an extract I tried to make out of Absinth steeped Wild Apple Leaves. I hope that answers the post about Wormwood effect on them… It was pretty strong Herxing Reaction for me. Alsonote your urine will smell like ammoni the first several days you eat apple leaf. Also watch out for insecticide sprayed apple trees! Those leaves will definitely make you really sick, and even moreso than these wild ones that start the typical journey through getting worse before you get better. I hope this helps the millions lost in the fog. By the way, that is one thing it really clears out fast: Brain Fog and confusion. At first for a couple months after the first shock, I started to feel better every single day.

  56. Hair loss treatment victoria Bc Says:

    Hair loss treatment victoria Bc

    Dissecting the Cowden Protocol | Jill’s Lyme Notes

  57. pbfromsi Says:

    Hi, everyone. My mom has been taking Cowden protocol and there has been an improvement in her condition but she’s not cured. She’s been taking also a variety of other supplements. She hasn’t had anxiety or depression that would begin as she began taking the protocol.

    From my experience (not with lyme disease), I would use coconut oil in relation to mood swings, and perhaps kelp. The coconut oil contains fatty acids that aid brain metabolism but also monolaurin which helps break down biofilms (lyme disease bacteria). Kelp helps thyroid that is very susceptible to inflammation.

    Maca is also useful for mood changes and also helps helps thyroid. I hope you can use this. Meditation or prayer or connecting to nature can help as well.

    And, my mum says, use anything that strengthens the immune system.

  58. Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 14 – Doctor Decides to Discontinue IV Treatment | Mental Itch Says:

    […] Dissecting the Cowden Protocol | Jill’s Lyme Notes After several months of trying to treat late stage Lyme disease, I sought the wisdom of a naturopath who is experienced in treating Lyme. She recommended to me the Cowden Protocol, for she had found it to be quite helpful for her patients over the ye […]

  59. Christina Waever Says:

    Thank you soo much for charing what you found!!!!!!!!!! You just made my research into it a whole lot easier! Lots of love to you ❤ Bless you!

  60. Kim Says:

    Try the HCG diet. I am doing it along with my antibiotics and I have lost significant weight and feel great.

  61. Alysha Says:

    I have completed the Cowden Lyme Protocol. I managed to stretch the 9 monthly orders into a year because they send extra amounts. I followed it completely, which is hard because you take herb mixtures 4 times a day that must be on an empty stomach and you cannot eat for 30 miniutes afterward.

    I found emmense help from this regimine. I feel at least as good now as I did on 3 1/2 years on very strong antibiotics. I am AMAZED! I plan to continue on a modified “maintain” regimine now.

    If you are worried about the money, Nutramedix has a financial aid help to those who need it. If your doctor has no other patients on the protocol and you are a new customer, you will get the entire 9 months of the protocol for just $100/month + shipping. This comes out to about $106.00 for me in CA. I believe a lot of research went into this and I think they have an awesome product. I totally believe in natural cures now. I think we are being fooled and robbed by Big Pharma.

    Everyone’s body is different but I would highly recommend this protocol if you have Lyme. I actually have had some ambition for life return!

  62. Keturah Martin Says:

    Just read this website. My daughter and I have had Lyme 4 years. After ruining our digestive systems on antibiotics (no doctor ever tells you to take enough probiotic) I found the Cowden Protocol. My daughter had actually been deemed ‘cured’ after 2 1/2 years of antibiotics but had a severe relapse after being off antibiotics only four months. We both took the cowden protocol and having gotten the boost we needed. We can actually cope with life!!! My daughter has gone from a life on the recliner to working a days. We have taken the whole 9 months worth. We’ve been off two months now, doing monalaurin, but I plan to do another stint of Cowden using only 7,8,& 9 month regime. I’m scared to quit for fear it will all come back.

  63. Betty Robinson Says:

    MikeiBaker, I am very interested in knowing more about the Wild Apple Leaf. Thank you, Betty Robinson

  64. su Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the results of your meticulous research and esp. thanks for including the links! I was considering the Crowden but wanted to know more and you gave it to me. Again, many thanks.

  65. Lynn Says:

    I had Lyme 3 years ago .. Had a couple of bouts of antibiotics .. Then did the 6-month Cowden Protocol .. There were herbs leftover to stretch it to 9 months. At that time, I had not had any symptoms for a month or two. I should have stayed on some kind of maintenance system … Because 3 years later, some antibiotics, a bad cold and stress brought back the Lyme ?? Guess I wasn’t “cured”.. Only in some kind of remission .. I am taking a shorter version of Cowden this time plus Japanese Knotweed. I will stay on it until symptom-free for a couple of months and then plan something for maintenance.

  66. Lauren Says:

    Thanks so much for this. I have been feeling awful and exhausted for years now even when I get 9-10 hrs of sleep. Recently, I met a woman who, when I described my symptoms, asked me if I had ever been tested for Lyme disease. I had, but not one of the more thorough expensive tests. I hope to get one of these tests done once I can save some money. I’m also looking at more natural approaches to curing it , should I have it. Thanks for your thorough notes. I hope that you’re feeling better.

  67. Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 14 – Doctor Decides to Discontinue IV Treatment | Did You Know Homes Says:

    […] Dissecting the Cowden Protocol | Jill’s Lyme Notes After several months of trying to treat late stage Lyme disease, I sought the wisdom of a naturopath who is experienced in treating Lyme. She recommended to me the Cowden Protocol, for she had found it to be quite helpful for her patients over the ye […]

  68. Trisha Says:

    Lauren, when you get tested for Lyme, be sure to get it done at iGeneX labs in Palo Alto, Calif. You can Google them to get their contact info. You can get the Basic Lyme Panel which is the IFA and the Western Blot IgG and IgM for $275 (unless it went up since I had it done Oct 2015.)

    You will need a doctor to sign the order form. IGeneX will send a test kit with 2 blood tubes, the order form, complete instructions and the return mailer via FedEx. You can get a local lab to draw your blood and spin one of the tubes for 15 min. Then send it back with the signed order, checking what test you want, and payment. Insurance doesn’t cover this. Results will be sent to the doctor in about 3 weeks.

    Lyme testing is not very accurate, esp at a regular lab that does not do the Western Blots all the time. The CDC guidelines that most non-literate doctors will follow have them order an ELISA test, which is 56% inaccurate….it gives false negative over half the time, meaning it says you are negative when you actually are infected. These tests measure our body’s antibody response to the Lyme bacteria, not directly testing the bacteria directly. Then the CDC says if the ELISA is positive, only then do they order the 2nd of the 2-tier testing, which are the Western Blots. It’s best to go directly to the Western Blots, and the IFA is similar to the ELISA.

    I hope this helps. And remember, Lyme and co-infections are a clinical diagnosis, based on symptoms, history, etc, with testing only helping to confirm. Best wishes and may God bless you.

  69. Linda Robertson Says:

    I have had Lyme and Babesia for two years. I am still learning what will help me. That’s why I found this site. I wanted to learn more about what is involved in the Cowden formula.

    I want to share what helped me most, besides the IV rocephin.

    I am glad that someone mentioned monolaurin made from coconut oil from inspired nuitrition. I have used that for several years for Lyme and it seems a very gentle and helpful product. Whenever I stop it I have a flare up of symptoms. Inspired nuitrition also has a bio fibrin product designed to help break down the biofilm of the spirochetes. It can be used with prescription medication without making you feel worse.

    Heat really helps when you are first sick. Heating pads, home saunas, and extremely hot baths all help. Lyme is heat sensitive. It’s like a stealth weapon raising your body temperature.

    I haven’t tried the Cowden protocol but Buhner’s herbs like cats claw and Japanese knotweed help a lot. I am not sure if one ever gets cured but you can feel better. Everything you can do to build your health helps, like following a better diet, doing mild exercise, taking multiple supplements and vitamins, and using medicinal mushrooms. Chaga tea helps me feel stronger. Ginger helps with nausea. I use “sleep essentials” from Swanson’s for insomnia. It’s a blend that works for me with valerian and GABA and melatonin.

    I have been unbelievably ill at times and understand how frustrating it is not to have good insurance or money to help yourself heal. I buy the herbs I need in bulk and cap them myself and save lots of money. Buy organic powdered herbs from a reputable herb company.

  70. Cheryl B Says:

    Phew. Just waded through all this, fascinating. My son and I both have congenital Lyme, my mother was the first Lymie back in 1950. Misdiagnosed and much abused by medical twits, I was a physiologist so I refused to accept their twaddle. Among the more recent diagnoses : POTS/dysautonomia and Mast Cell Activation Disorder, these are real, but secondary to Lyme. Coinfections of Coxsackie A and B and Bartonella add to the joy. Been on doxycycline, oral 300-400mg per day for a year and aim to continue as research is showing it to be a useful anti-inflammatory agent and to have neuroprotective capacity, worth looking into… it’s a bacteriostatic, it interferes with their replication, doesn’t kill them, that’s up to the immune system, which is often compromised of course. I added Samento TOA free cat’s claw plus as much in the way of imsys support as I could get down my son. He’s 29 and crippled with this disease for many years, even has life threatening cardiovascular abnormalities and central sleep apnoea. Herxing on this doxy/Samento cocktail has been nasty, suggesting it may well be working. There will be no cure for us until some totally new thing appears, we can only hope to moderate its effects.
    I’m very impressed with Jarla’s original work here, what a pity fellow Lymies bitch and snipe sometimes, but we’re all made cranky by the wrigglers in our brains…Bb tweaks dopamine metabolism to suit its own purposes and that often makes us difficult patients.
    If you can afford the full protocols fair enough, but really each person needs to tailor the therapy to their own needs and this blog of jarla’s is very helpful. Off to persuade another mentally defective general practitioner to give us antivirals as well….
    keep studying all you Lymies! someone has to teach the doctors how to handle this.

  71. Jazz Mooney Says:

    Taking my first month of Nutramedix Cowden Protocol and my Morgellons is worse than before…any suggestions?

  72. Tina Says:

    My goodness. What an interesting read, the original document and all the comments. I have Lyme 23 years, diagnosed after 15. Have been on a shedload abx and Cowden for some years. Made a reasonable recovery but then bitten again by a tick 2 years ago and struggling.
    Re taking Cowden and abx together, I spoke with one of the “directors” of the company when they were at a conference in Dublin, who informed me it is safe to take together.
    I don’t know anything about Morgellans but perhaps you are herxing. I would say carry on. Its unlikely Cowden protocol would make an existing condition worse and to the person who asked if you can put all Cowden products in one glass, yes you certainly can and should.

  73. Ms. Klagh Says:

    Looking for advice. I have EBV and quite possibly Lyme (long history of adrenal and thyroid issues). I was contemplating using the Cowden protocol, or even the Buhner protocol. For the past 4 days I have been using monolaurin (tblspn three times daily), and the effects have been so severe with just that, that now I’m afraid to try the Cowden or Buhner protocol, I think I’ll just try to get a doctor to prescribe an anti-viral (acyclovir). I have read accounts that people regained their energy and brain fog dissipated after a month on anti-virals. The natural route seems like it’s very long and complicated, and maybe even more expensive than the prescription route.

  74. Trisha Says:

    The Monolaurin can cause a Herxheimer reaction, especially if you start at a high dose. I remember it says on the container to start with a smaller amount and work up slowly.

  75. Sublymation’s Lyme Vlog #9 (Six Important Supplements…My Current Must Have List!!!) | Like 720p Says:

    […] Dissecting the Cowden Protocol Dissecting the Cowden Protocol […]

  76. Gene Says:

    Test house for MOLD by getting a Ozone blaster and noticing if the humans and pets change their movement patterns based on the loss of toxicity, a Ozone blaster is about the same price as mold testing, eliminate EMF (every cell phone has a APP) especially during sleep turn off router and remove electronics from sleeping area. Get a ozone machine for infalations, If you got Lyme disease many dominoes either fell to weaken immune system or Lyme disease has knocked over other dominoes. I have sleep apnea and this may have opened me up to Lyme disease. Lyme disease made my body unable to detox and I got heavy metal poisoning when my dentist removed 5 amalgam fillings. Don’t take herbs until you live in an environment conducive to winning the war with Lyme. You want to win BIGLY don’t give the buggers a chance to adapt. Take copious amounts of Bone Broth and l-glutimine to heal your gut. A vitamin C purge will tell you whether your gut is Leaky. If you tolerate huge amounts of vitamin C spend some time getting the gut healed before starting the war with bacteria. Oh ya, no sugar no wheat, I didn’t say cut back, I SAID NO WHEAT NO SUGAR, learn to read ingredients.
    Best reads/youtube Cutler, Asprey, Mercola and HerbsandBeads. I look at herbs as the icing on the cake, they’ll be the easiest way to quickly reduce bacterial load but will only work so long because the bacteria will become resistant.

  77. Gene Says:

    I started self administered Ozone treatments the same time I began taking homemade HC-MAF. I have rebounded like a rocket. HC-MAF could be the silver bullet, It is a homemade yogurt made with Whey-Protein, Colostrum and Pro-Biotics all ingredients that will greatly aid in your war by themselves. Mix up a batch of HC-MAF and according to the Nagales/HC-Maf Theory on how the immune system works this may do the trick all by itself. The bacteria can’t adjust to HC-MAF because your theoretically repairing your immune system. Some of this stuff can really mess you up, read, read the warnings, understand the risks and take it slow. Some say bad things about colostrum but otherwise can’t find any reason not to take HC-MAF compared to cats claw and other more potent herbs. Keep trying new things, use Dr Google and relax. One more trick GLUTIHION, take it sublingually, take suppositories, Susan Summers recomends transdermal, many suggest you only benefit from precursors. Learn the precursors for GLUTHION and take large amounts everyday in the foods you choose and supplements.

  78. Tamara Danielle Says:

    The Cowden Protocol Rocks in my opinion

    Now I live in Canada where doctors will refuse to take you and treat you in the ER if you tell them you have lyme. I have had it for over 20 years, wasn’t diagnosed until 6 years ago a naturopath sent my blood work to New York and guess what I was positve for lyme/ My kids at the time 3 and 6 were having problems. Frequent fevers, red painful joints, one was born a partial hand and foot amputee and both have some behavioral problems that are hard to handle like rage. They were both tested and guess what they were positive. Then I had to find treatment for them and me. It was explained that it probably passed through pregnancy. Spent over 120 0000 dollars and lost my house. The kids had some antibioutic treatment for a bout a year gbut it kept coming back. I went on the cowden protocol and was sponsored and I really hurt the first three months. I had terrible burning feet. After sticking it out a couple of months I started feeling way better and the herxing was easier then on antibiotics. My joint pain was better, my bowel problems and stomach probems were better even my injured back felt better. I didn’t even follow it exactly sometimes I had it after meals instead of before and sometimes one of the medicines would run out but I did the rest of the meds and I still felt better. Now I feel like shit again I unfortunately had it interrupted a couple of times as the cops threw me in the psych ward twice for 28 days each. After 2 weeks the psychiatrist called my doctor who told them yes I have lyme and to please give me back my medicine. I had missed 2 two week intervals. I haven’t been on it now for6 months and feel terrible. I am starting it again as they say do month 789 again if you think you still have it. I I am struggling to afford it now as I am no longer sponsored and now its 500 a month Canadian which is still better then 120 000. My kids are way better. I had put them on it for 3 months and split the box between the two of them and they improved immensely.

    I would much rather do the cowden protocol then all these visits to naturopaths which charge a fortune and often the natruopaths use banderol and samento and fail to tell you about the whole program cause they want to make money.

    I had a terrible parasite when I was 16 from Dominican Republic and was hospitalized upon return. I am wondering if that is why I am not completely healing and being arrested and locked up didn’t really help me reduce stress. The psychiatric community in Canada knows nothing about lyme.

    I would love some support and doctor Cowden promotes healthy relationships. I am isoloated sometimes with pain and would like it if someone could email me if you don’t mind tamdanielle86@gmail.com.

  79. -dB Says:

    Jazz, et. al.:

    After 15 -20 days into using a combo of Banderol & Samento (1 drop each per day increase), I developed a significant amount of sores on my arms, and elsewhere to a lesser degree. After further reading and familiarity with the Morgellon’s issue, of which I have suffered for at least 4 years, I realized that the increase in sores and the associated ‘good itching’ was the result of my body releasing the dead bacteria through the numerous new sores that had developed on my skin. Had I not understood what was happening I would have concluded, as did you, that my condition was worsening, however after about a week or two more, the sores had significantly reduced in number, indicating that the majority of bacteria had been killed. Subsequent sores, fewer than the initial kill stage, continued to develop indicating that there was still bacteria to be killed but slower to be killed and brought to the surface for disposal. While my comment is likely too late for your use, hopefully any reader who is experiencing such “worsening” will be encouraged to allow the “worsening” to play-out, as it is the body’s way of dealing with the debris being killed and released out of the body.

    God’s blessings to you and all others having to endure this disease and others like it.

  80. sandra Says:

    I am in the Philadelphia area in a town called Jenkintown, Looking for a naturopath. Any ideas?

  81. R Wilson Says:

    Thank you for all the helpful comments posted here…. I have slowly tested out the various detox drops on my very sensitive body, as well as curious magnesium malate. So far, so good, with only a mini reaction to the Burbur-Pinella and to the Parsley, simply a lump in my throat and ears popping.

    Trying to prepare myself to start the the serrapeptase and the first of the anti-virals. Just want to be ready in case of a Herx because I am nervous to see what it will do. I hope it can’t be any worse than the migraines I currently get, or the constant fatigue. I am negative for Lyme but to have the active Coxsackie A & B virus so my ND has recommended CP as treatment.

    Any specific advice on chronic Coxsackie is truly welcomed since I find it difficult to find info, esp when I’m fighting through brain fog daily. Background is thst I’m a 37 year old woman and I believe I’ve had my virus for approx 30 years. Thankful to my ND and to Armin Labs for my results, after 10 plus years of visits to GPs here in Canada with nothing to show but wasted time and self-doubt.

    Positive vibes of strength to everyone who is struggling ❤

  82. Carlos Rivas Says:

    Buhner’s work is tremendous and goes into detail regarding the evidence for Cowden’s protocol (or lack of evidence). I recommend picking up Healing Lyme by Buhner, and flipping straight to the treatment section, and gradually building up his core protocol, and adding or taking away from it based on your particular symptoms and reactions. Questions about co-infections and other viruses can be answered by looking at his other books. Buhner’s protocol is safe, affordable, natural, time tested, and relatively easy to follow, and can be combined with any other protocol including Cowden, ILADS antibiotics, ozone, etc. If nothing else, anyone who thinks they have Lyme, co-infections, CIRS, etc should start taking Japanese Knotweed and go from there.

    Hope and healing to all of us.

  83. Susan Says:

    How are you feeling? Hope you are well.

  84. Talk Hay Fever Says:

    I often surf the web these days trying to find solutions to my hay fever. I like to read about new ideas, techniques that I may not have tried before. I really loved reading the posts on your site. Thank you for sharing.

  85. Askmetatron.Com Says:


    Dissecting the Cowden Protocol | Jill's Lyme Notes

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